Sunday, 13 December 2015

Catchup post

Hi everyone,
I'm afraid that this will be a somewhat scrappy catchup post, which will twin with an equally scrappy my-life-recently-in-SES post.  I've been writing a lot on preparedness lately and as you can tell have let the this-is-my-life-as-she-is-lived side of blogging go.
Looking back through my photographs, I recall that I became a process server for a morning, delivering VCAT documents to some of my employer's opponents in a proceeding.  This job was mainly memorable for the fact that I was able to drop in at a Gloria Jeans in Shepparton after I'd seen all the people I needed to!
The office is now gaily decorated in Christmas colours, of which the most tasteful bit (in my opinion) is the Tiffany-esque tree in the reception area.
You remember the complaint I put in about another group doing 'fundraising' to pay for their Christmas decorations?  The relevant officer of the company did speak to me and said that it had been approved by the Board and that he felt it reflected well on the company.  I didn't bother arguing the point.  I said that in my view it wasn't appropriate and that if it was to be known outside would make the company look bad.  He said that it was a "disappointing attitude".  I let it go.  There are some hills on which I am not prepared to die.
A far more classy Christmas exercise is being conducted by the Tatura Football Netball Club, who are giving a free Christmas lunch for anyone who isn't in a position to celebrate the day with others, for whatever reason.  Now, I'm a supporter of the Shepparton Swans, but frankly I hope the Tatura Bulldogs have a killer season in 2016: a team that stages an event like this deserves to have a lot of good karma come its way.
I had to go to Kilmore yesterday for an SES activity.  Kilmore, naturally, has a beautiful old bluestone post office.  I'd never noticed before, though, that it had once been the telephone office too.  What a different time that was!
After I got back to Tatura from Kilmore to drop off the Unit's vehicle, I went out for a quick run which felt great.  The picture I snapped doesn't really do justice to part of it though, as I found myself playing chicken with a whacking great tractor on the Tatura-Murchison Road.  I couldn't cross the road because of the other traffic ... but I can promise you that as soon as I could, I gave the behemoth right of way!
The Goulburn River continues to look good every time I cross it at Toolamba going to and from work
Despite which, I'm sad to say, the water supply here at the farm continues to be a touch and go situation.  Saving water from washing dishes and showering is now a simple necessity for keeping the garden somewhat alive - despite which the less salt tolerant plants are starting to show the strain.

I think that's got you caught up.  Life is going on as somewhat normal, but I'll chronicle it a bit more rigourously!

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