Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Seatbelts and Shaking my Head

Two news stories in the last couple of days have left me shaking my head.  The first is out of Copiah County, MississippiTherese Apel reports that a Joshua Jones lost control of his vehicle, hit a tree and was fatally injured.

In the second - in St Tammany Parish, Louisiana - a driver was tailended, causing his vehicle to run off the road, overturn and hit some trees.  The driver was ejected from the truck and (also) killed (report by Robert Rhoden).

The common factor was that neither driver was wearing a seatbelt.

Images from here and here

I don't care what the law is in your jurisdiction.  For the love of God, put your damn seatbelt on unless you're tired of life.  First responders can save you, but only if someone's still there to save.

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