Monday, 1 August 2016

One day I will sleep!

Hi everyone,

I think my pager is trying to deprive me of sleep!

Yesterday morning - Sunday - I was woken at 0451 by the high pitched squeeeeaaaaallllllll that indicates a person trapped.  The accident was a car rollover at Merrigum.  I made a quick assessment of how long it would take me to get to the shed and to the job and decided I couldn't add value, so I declined the job.

Despite this, I was still tracking incident through my phone to know the status of the crew and whether anything needed to be done to support them.  In the event, it was OK: the person did not require rescue and the crew returned to the shed.  But, by then I was wide awake and plugged on with the day.

We're currently under a spate of bad weather and so I'd brought a Unit vehicle back to my place to provide rapid response to trees fallen on motorways.  The weather duly obliged with a tree down on the highway at 0513 this morning.  I headed out and managed traffic until a crew from the highway authority came along to clear it (I stopped to lend a hand).  I thought about starting to cut it up myself but we're strongly discouraged from using chainsaws while one-up: there's too big a risk of being injured without having someone to help.

The balance of the day didn't disappoint, with weather related jobs around the area.  I got home at about 2000.  I'm about to have a much needed shower and get to bed.  This is the weather system outside at present -

I can only wonder if I'm going to be out of bed early again!

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