Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Remarks at 'What's Happening in Your Town?', Tatura Senior Citizens' Centre, 22 August 2016

Hello everyone.  My name is Stephen Tuck and I'm the Controller at the Tatura SES Unit.

You're probably aware that our biggest responsibility is providing emergency response to storm and flood events in the Tatura and Shepparton areas, as well as undertaking road crash rescue.  Our shed is down at the corner of Russell and Martin Streets.  It's there that we keep our truck, other vehicles, tools and all the equipment we use to do our work.


Our unit objectives for this year have been to complete a number of upgrades to our shed, to allow us to better respond to and manage major incidents.  We're also seeking to raise our public profile, and like every volunteer organization we'd like to recruit more members.


To achieve these goals, we've been undertaking quite a bit of fundraising in the area - you may have seen our collection tins at various venues? - and the good people at the Shepparton News and Tatura Guardian have covered quite a few stories relating to the SES.

We're keen to build up links with businesses in the community who might be able to help us with resources.  For example, if you look at the back of our shed you'll see a number of cars in various states of deconstruction.  These are the cars we use to train for road rescue on.  It would certainly help us to be able to borrow a car trailer to transport them to and from our yard.

We would also love to build links with community groups that might have members who would like to volunteer with us, like the Men's Shed or the RSL.  If you have any members who you think would be interested, we'd love to hear from them.

We can help!

We have a strong community education program, and if you'd like us to speak to (say) a youth group or something similar about storm or flood safety or rescue work, we'd be delighted to do so.

The other thing we can supply are 'boots on the ground'.  For example, at the fun run held recently by Tatura Primary School, we supplied a number of members as race marshals.  So, if you have an event where we might be able to help, just get in touch!

Thank you.

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