Saturday, 12 November 2016

Garden and Grease Gun

Hi everyone,

Another diary post tonight.  It's been a strong couple of days.

Yesterday saw me pick up some work for the doctor in Shepparton.  It was a solid day of mowing, edging, cleaning gutters, pruning, spraying weeds, raking and, well, all the other things that go into garden maintenance.  I'm happy to say I kept my shoulder to the wheel for the full 9 hours of work.  I don't want to be a labourer (or even a gardener) for the term of my natural life, but it's still good to know that you've gotten work done that needed to be done.

I capitalised on the day in one regard, which was to lay on the low-strength sunblock.  I'f I'm working in the hot hot sun, I at least want to have a tan to show for it.  I'm not yet at the point where working with my shirt off would be anything but ridiculous, but at some point it'd be good to convert the farmer's tan into something a bit more extensive!

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The only part of the day which I couldn't really process was when I came home and reported to Centrelink about the hours I'd been working and the pay I'd received: my payment this fortnight went down by about a hundred dollars.  I guess that means I'm kind of a success, right?  People probably think I'm an idiot for declaring every bean of my income when I'm principally paid in cash.  The simple truth is that I can still respect myself that way.  Things are tight right now, but I can tell my girls honestly that I'm not a crook.  I might be lacking in all other things, but I'm an honest man.  That's a boast worth having.

After yesterday, I slept well last night.  This was just as well, because it was a farm-heavy day.  I searched out stray wire in the hay paddock the old boy is presently mowing, then back up to the house to make up the melon salad for the maternal unit (I hate the thought of them living out of tins).  Then after lunch, into town with the old boy to help him with the shopping and one or two other things.  Then, back to here to refuel vehicles, unload trailer, top up hydraulic oil and a few other tasks.

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I have the feeling the old boy had saved a number of these jobs up for me while I was tied up with SES on Thursday and working yesterday.  I think he's feeling his age pretty strongly now, which is one of the reasons it's not so easy working with him: his work view partly needs me to be simply the gopher and spare set of hands, which real work goes to his friends Barry and Michael.  This isn't exactly fun but ... fuck it.  If it helps him, then just take the hit and move on.

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I still haven't been able to get back and look at that training I mentioned the other day.  I'll try and look at it tonight before I pass out.

No more for now.  I was hoping to head out on the bike this afternoon but ran out of time.  Long run tomorrow for sure!

Hope your weekends are starting out well.

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