Thursday, 3 November 2016

Farms, gardens, books and broccoli

Hi everyone,

Beginning this post before SES training.  Sorry it's been a while since I last wrote.  Usually I post in the evenings, but of late I've been tired late in the evening and just wanting to turn in.

In any case, there hasn't been a colossal amount to write about.  There's been farmwork to do, and I've been running and cycling in the evenings.  The weather is warming and drying and the lush grasses are starting to lighten in shade on their way to brown.  On our place we're almost at the point of cutting hay.

I've picked up a few days work gardening, which is good inasmuch as I need the money.  I'm dreading tomorrow though.  The work is for a fellow in Shepparton who is incredibly picky and fussy and stands over your shoulder asking you to pluck this weed and then that weed.  Last time I worked for him I just had to keep biting my tongue and reminding myself that this is just something one has to plug through.

This was on my mind especially today because I had to meet with the jobsearch agency.  They're nice people, but utterly unable to help me.  Sadly, my reputation is too poor in the area of law I used to work in for me to get work, and I'm too old for a firm to take me on in a new area.  Because I already have a degree, I don't qualify for government funding to retrain in anything else.  I can't afford to retrain at my own expense.  Hence, when my consultant asked me today "what industry would you like to work in", I'm afraid I looked at him like he'd grown two heads.  The answer to that question is simply: anything that earns me a living and doesn't make me what to shove a gun in my mouth.

The rest of the day has had an upside.  For one thing, it included some Red Cross training, meeting with a business operator in Tatura who is able to offer an A1 training resource to our unit, and having a chat with a journalist from the local paper who wanted to know more about us.  For another thing,  I did the rest of my errands in Shepparton on foot, which took me past the closing down sale of a bookshop which had reduced all its stock to $6.00.  This meant I was able to buy a hardback of Green Hills of Africa dirt cheap with the money I'd set aside for lunch.  As a result, I had precisely 80c available to buy lunch, and this meant I could justify simply buying some broccoli and steaming it at the SES shed.  Health and learning: that's what I call a win-win!

All of which was good, until I noticed a story reshared by someone in my Facebook feed.  It's been about half a century since Vatican II, and nearly five centuries since the Reformation.  One would have thought it absurd to find people who still view Catholics with such hatred and contempt.

Not much else to report.  It was a good SES training night tonight (watch the Facebook feed in a few hours!).  Tomorrow will be busy enough, with that work in Shepparton and then a Primary School fete in the evening.  Unemployment is a remarkably busy thing.

Hope all your days are going well.

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