Sunday, 16 October 2016

This orange life

Hi everyone,

I'm typing this at the SES shed while the weather radar plays on my screen.  There's a band of weather crossing our area at the moment and I have the depressing feeling that as soon as I get  halfway home there'll be a callout.  I'll give it about half an hour before I call it quits and head for home.

128 km Yarrawonga Radar

It's been a good couple of days to be in orange overalls.  You remember the flood rescue I mentioned the other day?  There was a little bonus wrapped up in it for me, with yesterday's Shepparton News report on the incident featuring one of my photographs (I suppose they got it from the Unit's Facebook page).  It's not a colossal life-changing event - the Shepparton News is hardly the New York Times - but it's a win and I'm pleased to have it!

Today was a valuable day as well: the Tatura Show-and-Shine (that is, the big car club rally) was held today.  They had invited us to attend and put on a static display.  They also asked if we could do a road rescue demonstration if they supplied the car.  Of course we were very happy to do that.  I'm proud to report that we lasered through the car, completing a whole-side removal and a sideways roof flap manoeuvre in 15 minutes flat!  I'm really pleased with that.

After we finished at the car rally we came back to the shed and put the vehicles away.  I've waded through a reasonable heap of paperwork and now, as I said, I'm waiting for the rain to pass through so I can go home.  Certainly looking forward to a proper night's sleep tonight!

How are your Sundays going?

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