Friday, 14 October 2016

Three glasses of wine

Hi everyone,

Here it is, Friday evening and I'm wondering what the Hell I do next.

In another blogpost that'll come up in a few hours, I talk about the work I managed to land yesterday as a rouseabout in the shearing shed.  That's been one of the more striking events this for me this week.  I'd feel good except I've had a couple of rejection emails for jobs this week and that sort of thing wears you down.

In the other half (well, third) of my life things are quieter.  That is, my pager hasn't been beeping as much because the flood event is in a bit of a lull.  My unit had a callout yesterday morning, for a road crash rescue in Murchison where we were asked to go and give the local crew a hand.  I didn't go because I was already at Costerfield for work.  However, from the video it looks like it was a solid job for the two units to tackle.

The other thing on the SES front is that last night we were asked to assist police with rescuing two chaps who managed to submerge their car in floodwater.  The job came through just after training, so we had a good turnout, and we were out at Gemmill's Swamp until well after midnight on the job. 

It was gratifying to find that we received a little recognition for the job in the form of a tweet from the anchor for WIN News -

- and in the form of the SES and Emergency Vic news services retweeting my instagram photo.

I know we shouldn't do it for recognition: that's a very poor reason for doing emergency work (indeed, it's the wrong reason).  But, it's always a nice feeling when it happens.

The third part of my life - home and family -  is just depressing (which is why I'm typing this with my third glass of wine beside me.  I haven't skyped with Grace and Rachel for weeks, mainly because it just feels wrong to hear them call me Daddy when I look at my life and think "they'd run a mile if they could understand".  A father in prison would be an improvement for them.  A prisoner at least has reliable employment.  Sometimes I tell myself I can bounce back or re-tool or something, but I have no bloody idea how to do any of that. Right now, I'm out of ideas, and I don't so much have courage to support me so much as desperation.

Nothing more for now.  But if you have any ideas for what I should do next, this would be a very good time to share them.

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