Monday, 9 November 2015

Barbershop and Bees

Hi everyone,

I'm starting this post while waiting at the barber's for a long overdue haircut.  The barber apparently has a real set on my employer, so I've put my ID and keycard out of sight.  Otherwise for a few weeks I might be needing headgear something like this -

The barbershop doubles as a tobacconist, and the waiting area is full of newspapers and old guys.  I feel ever so slightly like I've wandered into a Jimmy Stewart movie.

Image from here

Yesterday was a bit rattled at work.  We were told that the Legal unit is to be restructured, and the FOI lawyer is being made redundant.  His duties will be split up among a number of other workers. I'm safe (for now at least), but some of the details about how this decision was reached tell me that there's Buckley's of me being offered work with the business beyond April (in their legal unit at least).

I think I may be getting a bad habit of looking for auguries.  You remember yesterday how I took it to be a good omen that there was a pelican on Waranga Basin?  Yesterday when I took the dog for a walk in the evening I saw a swarm of bees in a tree near the middle gate.

Bees, I remember from an article I read a billion years ago, were a symbol of the Crown in ancien regime France.  This, predictably, lead me to thinking about the subjects of royal France and royal Spain who settled Louisiana and who are part of the mix that make up my dear daughters.  So, in a way, stumbling across the swarm seemed somehow a good omen, although I'm not sure exactly for what.

Today has been dead quiet, and I'm back to having not enough work to do.  This has at least had the perk of giving me time this afternoon to get a much needed haircut (which is where I started this post).

Me, post-haircut

This evening an opportunity has come up to do some road crash rescue training with the Murchison SES unit, so Madi, Nathan and I will head down there for that.  We all got emailed the joining instructions for the road crash rescue course yesterday and I can tell you it looks like they'll be pushing us pretty hard.  Any practice is good practice!  God willing I'll squeeze a run in this evening before I go down to Murchison.  I'm looking forward to that too: it's been a while since I last headed out.

No more for now.  Hopefully I'll put up a short post this evening after training; we'll see.

Hope your days are going well!

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