Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Storms and a Scorpion

Hi everyone,

A quick catchup post during a lull at work.  It's been a kind of bits and pieces week so far.

I recall my last post was on Tuesday afternoon.  Later that day I managed to get out for a run here in town.  I've written before that Tatura is a pretty good place to run in especially if you're going for speed.  This time I went to the south east side of town, and stumbled on a running track beside Dhurringile Road.  It was the sort of afternoon that made me think of (wouldn't you know it?) Thibodaux, La: warm, humid and wonderful.

I wish I wasn't so in love with a stage of my life that's gone.  My good friend Donna is right: you need to put fresh memories in place of old ones.  Anyway, I'd love to get out for another run this evening before SES training tonight.  Not sure it'll happen though: We've been under a storm warning all day and the radar suggests some weather could indeed be heading our way.


Which, I suppose, is a point in common with my girls, as the internet tells me that Louisiana has been getting some weather too.

Work has been frustrating: I'm stuck in a constant pattern of almost nothing to do and killing time for big blocks of the day.  Being tasked with photocopying a couple of wads of documents yesterday was kind of a final straw.  Not just because it's a poor use of a couple of university degrees and a first-class brain, but because that was (I'm not joking) the most challenging thing I'd been asked to do all day.  I've spent a big whack of today looking for other jobs.

I'm sure you can guess how today has been.  I've just been handled a filing job for some of the loose bits of paper in my boss' office, with the bonus of ensuring that by putting these bits and pieces on file I don't create any duplication.  This, kiddies, is what we call a 'make work job'.  It makes literally no difference whether it's done well, or badly, or at all.

Image from here

Two interesting health-and-safety moments in the last few days.  I was kind of struck by the safety sign on a Powercor switchbox near work: the image of a person surrounded by a jagged red line certainly conveys a message!

The other moment was this morning.  I'd been feeling a bit guilty at not having removed some of the cobwebs around the house at the farm.  I feel less guilty seeing that they caught a scorpion this morning.  Seeing one of those nastly little critters caught makes it easy to leave a few arachnids undisturbed!

No more for now.  We just had a belt of weather go through; the weather radar says that's the lot unless it re-forms.  If any of you hear of any jobs going, let me know.

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