Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Norm, a channel, and voting Fascist.

Hi everyone,
This is the post I'd planned to write last night.  Simple truth is that by about 11pm I was dead tired and falling asleep, so that knocked that out.
Anyway, after my last post I finished up at work and headed back into Shepparton.  I stopped at the supermarket for a few things (cat food, copy of the Weekly Times, exciting stuff like that) and on a whim went into the K-Mart next door to see what the pricing on a couple of things would be.  Maybe there's an element of vanity at work (maybe?!) but I think this is the first time in almost 20 years I can hit the beach in Speedos without making people want to rip their eyeballs out.  Shortly after I left high school I kind of morphed into Norm from the Life: Be In It ads.
 Image from here
Shopping done, I went over to the pool for a swimming test I mentioned yesterday: 100 metres swimming and 2 minutes treading water while wearing lightweight two-piece uniform.  The uniform wasn't as bad to swim in as one might have expected - a bit more drag, and slightly restrictive, but that's all.  I noticed that the studs on the jacket come undone quite easily: if one were to be thrown out of a boat it seems to me it'd be little effort to take the jacket off altogether.
Aquamoves Pool - Shepparton
I headed for home after the swimming test.  The sun was going down by that stage, which gave me a chance to get a really good photo of the East Goulburn Main Channel looking south.
Today has been a little frustrating.  The business unit I'm part of met and discussed a range of things, some of which will at least result in me getting some extra work (this is a good thing, trust me).  I'm still looking for something better, something I'm passionate about.  Life is not slowing down!
I see that one of our media commentators has just launched his own political party: the Derryn Hinch's Justice Party.  What is it with people insisting on having their own names in the names of political parties these days?  Off the top of my head I can think of Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party, the Jacquie Lambie Network, Katter's Australian Party and the John Madigan's Manufacturing and Farming Party.  It's like suddenly being surrounded by Cults of Very Annoying Personalities.  Mr Hinch is probably not a name my American readers will know.  Essentially, he's a cookie-cutter shock-jock who could be considered an Australian Rush Limbaugh, if one stripped Limbaugh of his fluency, panache and compulsive listen-to-able-ness.  His party is based around the usual simplistic tough-on-crime slogans, although as a cyclist I find it hard to forget hearing people with bicycles described as "cockroaches on wheels".  I'd like to think that Mr Hinch somehow did not realise the homicidal implications of that phrase.  Anyway, happily the makers of Red Dwarf have spared his party the need to create their own posters for the next election:
Image from here
No more for now.  I may have a little time on my hands before SES tonight, so if I can post again I will.  Hope all is well with you.

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