Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The time I decided trousers weren't for me

Hi everyone,
Those of you who know me offline may know that my car has been a long time between washes.  The truth is that living on a dirt road and being on a place where water is at a premium means that a clean car has to be viewed as a bit of a luxury (note to self: living in a low-water world would make a good post!).
Anyway, it'd been getting beyond a joke, so yesterday after work I took my car to the carwash here in Tatura to return it to its natural white. 
At first I was planning on nothing more signficant than a quick scrub and a rinse, which I could perfectly well do in my suit trousers.  However, I started looking at the suite of things I could do to wash, wax, clearcoat and generally beautify the car and decided to go for it
One problem: this generated a lot more spray and a lot more cleaning products than initially planned.  What to do?  I decided to whip off my suit trousers in the carwash ... For a little bit I actually thought about just saying the Hell with it and leaving it at that.  Frankly, anyone lunatic enough to want to see my body deserves all they get!  But then, I realised I was going to me messing about with hot spray wax, and that had potential for all sorts of misadventure.  With a sense of responsibility I pulled on a pair of jeans I had in my kit bag.
Clothing issues addressed, I went ahead and cleaned the car from top to bottom.  I think you'll agree it was worth it -
Worth every dollar!

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