Sunday, 4 October 2015

Warmer weather

Hi everyone,
Sorry for the want of a post last night.  I was absolutely beat when I crashed into bed, and I think any post would have read "Hi everyone, warm weather today zzzzzzzzz"
Anyway, the old boy got away yesterday a bit before nine, and that gave me time to take the dog for a walk across the paddocks.  Always a good way to kick off the day, no?  I had a skype date with the girls that morning which was wonderful.  every time I see and speak to them, they're so chatty and smart, and they do love me which is all kinds of precious.  Being a long distance dad isn't something I could ever recommend to anyone, but it's better than not being a Dad at all.
After lunch both Mum and Little Sister decided to take naps, so I spent some quality time practising the knots that are mandatory for the General Rescue assessment next weekend.  I think I've got them under control - even the Double Fisherman's Knot which had really kind of stumped me.
I got out for a run in the afternoon: it was such a bright warm day that it would have been a crime to waste it.  I was looking for good distance but not a particularly long run.  In the end I settled on 14 kilometres which I managed in 1:22:40.  The run took me past the shed of the local volunteer fire brigade.  Lord but I hope this fire season is a quiet one for them.
Today was one of those days where you spend the first few minutes trying to establish what the time actually is.  I actually LIKE it when the clocks go on to Summer time, but the first day is always confusing that way!  Anyway, once the timing issues were sorted out me and the dog headed out as usual.  I think he was trying for some sort of award for how dirty he could get.
First he rolled in dry grass and dust, and then found something that had been dead a while and rolled in that too.  When we came to a small seasonal creek that (inexplicably) had water in one of its holes, he turned it into his own private wallowing pool!
The country is starting to dry out.  The wind this morning had no moisture in it at all.  As I walked, for the first time, I could start to hear the grinding sound of dry grass.
In the afternoon I got away on another ride in the rolling country to the east of here.
It was at a stage when the sun was lighting up the hills at Euroa.  The photos, sadly, don't really do it justice.
As I was coming back I noticed that one of the paddocks nearby has been freshly raked for hay.  Is there a better smell in all the world than fresh-cut hay?  This is surely one of the perks of living out here.
No more for now.  I think I need to find more interesting things to write about: as I skim over the above I must agree that my life is other than riveting!
More tomorrow.

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