Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Meet John Gnomebo

Hi everyone,

It's been a hit-and-miss sort of day here in my world.  It was a warmer morning here than yesterday at least, thank God.

The morning was spent juggling an exchange of emails with my sisters while also sorting out some billing and financial reporting things.  As regular readers know, I am not one of nature's multitaskers and so I was dead tired by lunch.  It felt great to slow down!

I struggled to focus in the afternoon and so work output was a bit of a scrappy affair: too easily distracted.  I left in enough time to see mum at the hospital. Nonetheless, as a son/employee/brother/whatever I still felt about as credible as the mascot of a neighbouring work unit, John Gnomebo

What is the problem to which John Gnomebo is the solution?

Mum, I'm pleased to report, thinks she's improving, albeit in baby steps.  She has a tiny bit more mobility in her hand, but not much change with her leg.  Speech quite slurred but she also seemed terribly tired, so I guess that's not to be wondered at. Any progress is good progress.

Hot dogs and potatoes for dinner again.  Someone may need to have a chat with dad about nutrition.  Needs to be fine delicately though - kind of a raw nerve.

Another chilly night here.  Roll on Spring.!

Hope all is well with you.

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