Saturday, 8 August 2015

Sisters and Slow Cookers

Hi everyone,

A full day here.  The day started with me and Little Sister cleaning and attending to chores, and me giving the dog a good walk.  It was a beautiful warm morning for a change - almost springlike, and I was struck by how the flowers on the native trees are coming out.

Dad and Little Sister went in to see the maternal unit about midday. I kept cleaning and tidying, and while I was doing that Second Oldest Sister arrived. One of her particular recommendations for things at the moment is to procure a slow cooker so dinner can make itself while I'm at work. It's a great idea and also means I can look after Dad a bit better too.  If you have recipes to share, sing out!

Speaking of dad, he's making a dash to Flinders to take care of a few things there.  If there's any upside to this its that hopefully he'll look after himself a little better.

Second Oldest Sister and I went into the hospital about 3pm.  Mum was quite cheerful and reported that she's able to move her left arm up, although she has little or no hand movement.  Overall she's doing ok, and at the start was speaking very clearly.

It was getting late when we left but I decided to run 7km of the way back tithe farm.  I'm really pleased with how that went: I set a target for myself of averaging 5:30mins per kilometre and far and away best it by running 4:56 min/km!  Really pleased by that.

I was overtaken by Oldest Sister Economist while running: she went direct to see mum in her way down from Canberra.  She brought Kushla the dog with her.  Tom the cat is not happy and is now hiding!

It's great to have all the sisters here.  The funniest part of the night was realising that despite our parents being out of the house, we were watching Father Brown Mysteries and New Tricks - precisely what they would be watching.  If that doesn't scream 'adulthood' at you I don't know what does!

I started typing this post last night but fell asleep partway through, so I'm finishing it Sunday morning.  I guess I should post this and go and get some coffee brewing.  Will update you further later today.

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