Saturday, 1 August 2015

Some bad news

Hi everyone,

Writing with a heavy heart tonight.  I spent today at the SES 4 wheel drivers course, but that's not what I'm here to report.

As I was finishing up today I had a message to call Little Sister.  She said that mum had had a stroke and is in hospital.

When I got back to the farm little sister was there and explained the story.  It seems that mum had begun feeling not so good sometime yesterday, and it hadn't gone away by this morning.  So, at about 8am today she called little sister, who lives a solid three hours away, to see if she could come up and drive her to hospital as she thought she'd had a stroke.  She even found time to pack a bag!  Sister, sensible person that she is, called for an ambulance to come and get the maternal unit.  She's since had the fun job of directing traffic on the matter today.

As it's been explained to me, the stroke was a pretty decent one according to the CT scan, but she's doing fairly well considering.  Viz, she can walk with some limits, can speak with only mild defects, and can still use both arms, albeit with less dexterity on one side..  She'll need a couple of weeks in hospital and a decent whack of physiotherapy, but the doctor thinks she's been remarkably lucky.  Little sister doesn't think that crowding her tomorrow will help her or anyone else, so I'll go back to the course tomorrow (I've prepared a note explaining how I can be reached in an emergency).  I'll take Monday off work, and on that day Second Oldesy Sister will come up too.  I'll rejig my work hours to ensure I can attend to farm stuff.  

I'm not gonna lie: even though Little Sister can drive me mental sometimes, I can't think of a better pair of hands to have been directing traffic today.  I'd foreseen that one of the parentals might have a stroke (although I'd kind of assumed it'd be dad) and put stroke information prominently on the fridge here -

And here -

When I got home last night mum seemed fine and she made no complaint of being unwell.  And she also didn't mention any concerns when I left this morning, despite me being an emergency responder who'll dial 000 in a heartbeat.  My only guess is that she didn't want to be a bother.  To which the response from all my sisters and me was the same: "she needs to get well so I can throttle her!"

Poor mum.  She's a tough old bird, but this is hard.  If you pray, please keep her in your prayers. 

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