Thursday, 27 August 2015

Two quiet days

Hi everyone,
Here I am on Thursday night.  Dad went back down to Flinders today, so I've given SES a miss tonight so I could come home and feed and walk the dog. Yesterday passed quietly aside from a protest rally outside work.  It's clear that quite a few people detest my employer (and one or two seem to hate the employees too).  I'm fortunate, however, to have been a litigation lawyer for a long time: a tolerance for having people hate your guts is kind of a job requirement!
After work I drove up to the Caltex and put a few more pounds of air in one of my tyres that has a slow leak (will change it at the weekend) and then went to the hospital to see mum.  She seemed a little bit flat - as if the time in hospital was really starting to drag.  Not that I can blame her for that: after a while the walls must start to close in.
When I got back to the farm Dad was still loading the car to got to Flinders, so I scurried to feed the dog and lend him a hand.  He seemed a bit fed up and so while the potatoes for dinner were cooking I made a point of breaking out the chips and wine: I figured that some fats and salts were an acceptable price to pay for the morale boost!
He was on the move early this morning, so I saw him off and then gave the dog a walk before work.  The day itself at work was a mixed bag.  The main job of the day involved digging back into the history of a particular channel reserve.  I was able to go back as far as 1938, but after that records were hard to find.  It gave me the (for me) fun job of perusing old documents though, so that was a perk.  The day was otherwise dead quiet.  I'm not used to this!
The days are clearly getting longer: When I was driving back to the farm there was enough light to take a photo of the bridge over the Goulburn at Toolamba.  I usually say that it looks like something out of the Wild West, and it really does.  It's just barely a single car width; one of the runs on my to-do list is from the farm to the Junction Hotel at Toolamba, which would take me direct across it.
It's been a quiet evening here: the dog and I went for a walk in the rain and I made a big salad for dinner.  I'm pretty sure I could have salads and sandwiches for dinner every night forever and not get bored.
Nothing more to add now.  Almost time for me to have a cleanup and go to bed.
More tomorrow.

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