Monday, 17 August 2015


Hi everyone,

Lying here in bed shivering again.  Ugh: this winter can't end soon enough.

Today isn't really a monument to excitement.  Nearly the whole day was spent in a seminar on public land law.  I'm not sure what to make of it: because part of it was explaining very basic land law to non-legally qualified staff, it was a bit of a time waster to those of us who are lawyers.  And, I got the feeling the presenter wasn't that familiar with our business' operations: I sensed some other staff switching off as he made a few errors.

I went to see mum at the hospital after work and she's doing well - in very good spirits.  It was a quiet evening at the farm for me: walked the dog and gave him his dinner and took the bins out.  There was nothing on TV so I spent some time drafting a blogpost.  I felt like I'd been doing nothing but eat for days, so I had a glass of wine and some cups of tea and called it a day.  Felt good to give my system a break! 

Have a good day.  I'm crawling under these blankets to try and warm up.

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