Friday, 18 September 2015

A palm tree and a dog

Hi everyone,

I'm writing this recap of Friday at 4:30am on Saturday morning: the cat just came and woke me to let him out and I'm about to go back to sleep (or failing that, go for a run).

Yesterday dragged a little.  Seeing the tribe at breakfast was a lesson in body language.  When I asked how yesterday had been with mum coming out of hospital, I got the feeling I wasn't being told something (folks looked away, raised their shoulders, etc). Eventually it came out that Michael had had an epic tantrum about lunchtime.  It seems it started when he got it into his head that Little Sister should have bought sandwich bread for mum rather than toast bread, and insisted on storming out and driving the 50km round trip into Shepparton to buy it.  Then, through the afternoon, he claimed Little Sister was 'being horrible to him' and stormed out again. He hasn't returned, although apparently he will be here on Sunday to help mark some calves.  He seems to have become quite unbalanced.  It's shameful that he acted like that when the focus should have been on mum.  I guess at least they've seen his true colours now.

As you can imagine, it was kind of a relief to go to work after all of that.  It was another day of lots of small jobs and having only just enough to do.  Today's lunchtime walk took me up to Mactier Park and back around across the railway line.  It turned out to be just enough to keep my MyFitnessPal stats in order for the day!

Through the afternoon I was advised that I hadn't got the Deputy Corporate Sectetary job.  A little disappointing but I'm not altogether gutted. Permanent work and more pay would have been nice; however I did wonder about an augury from earlier today.  For the first time I spotted a palm tree in Mactier Park.  Certainly not native to the area, it had me thinking that life might be about to develop in an exotic direction. 

I met this handsome fellow driving home after work: he was scurrying down the middle of Ross Street and in danger of getting skittled by a car.  

Happily he was quite docile, so I was able to stop and grab his collar.  He had a registration tag, and I was able to call Shepparton City Council to alert his owner.  In the event, just after I did that the owner drove past and saw him.  The dog was as happy as happy could be to see his people again!

Today should be good: off to Seymour to do the first day of the SES General Rescue course (the second day is in October). Looking forward to it for sure.

No more for now. I'm going to get a little more sleep.  Hope your days are going well!

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