Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Fixing a phone

Hi everyone,
Another quiet day here in Water-Law-Land.  The day started cool and sunny as I drove over to work.  My phone brought up a message that its memory was full as I was driving over.  I was a bit stumped by this, as I long since purged my photo collection and had deleted all but the apps that I most need.  Out of the blue I realised that it had to be my contacts that were doing it.  My list of contacts ran to about 900 names, including quite a lot of doubling (or tripling) up of names between actual entries, LinkedIn and Facebook.  A lot of these had photos attached as well.  Anyway, I found out how to delete names en masse and started cutting anyone I hadn't messaged for at least 12 months and anyone I knew I already had on social media.  By the time I'd finished my phone had gone from 12.7GB full vs 0GB empty to 5.5GB full vs 7.2GB empty.  Winning!
The day itself was almost entirely taken up with the same wretched document-finding job I was on yesterday.  I finally transferred the last tranche of material at about 4:30pm.  The office's Social Club held a fundraiser today for cerebral palsy.  I've gone right off work social functions at any workplace (when alcohol is available I always drink too much; without alcohol they're unbearable).  I kind of suspect it didn't do well in any event, given the prices they were charging.  $3.00 apiece for supermarket sausages?  No matter how worthy the cause, it's a lot to be asking for a 200 calorie tube of fat, gristle and filler.
I went to see mum at the hospital after work.  She's really looking forward to being discharged tomorrow.  I hope she'll be OK back here at the farm: I worry that the blues will affect her more here than she expects if she thinks she can't just do what she needs to.
Not much more to add tonight.  I'm at a bit of a mental loose end, like I want to write something but have no idea what.  Ideas are welcome!

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