Thursday, 10 September 2015

Of Canaries and Storms

Hi everyone,
Thursday evening has rolled around again, and I'm taking a quick break from work to type this and prior to heading down to the shed for SES training.
It's been another low-key day.  I was up in time to give the dog a decent walk before work and also make him up a good breakfast of bread and milk and the water I boiled some kidneys in last night (they'll be part of his dinner tonight).  The day warmed up (so far as it does in Spring) fairly swiftly: while the chilly nights are wearing thin, at least the days get pleasant fairly quick.  Certainly the grain we sowed while I was still out of work is taking on a health green colour.
Today at work has involved a lot of following-up of things - old files, requests for reports and the like.  Tomorrow I have an interview about a new role here which, if not exactly a promotion, would at least be permanent and a springboard to other things.
I'm kind of not looking forward to heading home tonight.  The old boy will be back from Flinders, and I predict he'll quickly get into a foul mood: Little Sister passed on to me that the cattle truck he took south was given a 'canary' (slang for a 'vehicle defect notice') by the police, which usually means the truck is off the road until a mechanic certifies that it's been restored to roadworthiness.  I know this truck well and I can guarantee that the cost of getting it to that state would far outweigh its actual value.  This is understandably exasperating for him, but when he comes to tell me the story he'll get cranky about it again, and he has a tendency to make me feel like it's something I've done to him.  It's certainly the last sort of headache he (or indeed any of us) need right now, but I still don't want to spend the weekend walking on eggshells.  Happily my legs have pretty well bounced back from Sunday, so I can get out for a run or two at least.
StormSafe: Get ready. Know what to do.
In other news, next week is StormSafe Week!  With the coming of Spring (and more volatile weather), it's a good time for people here, at least, to start making plans for severe weather if it comes and to prepare your home and make it safe.  Can I offer a plug for the SES StormSafe page?  Lots of useful stuff there for adults and children!
Not much more to add.  I'll probably put up a short post after training when I get back to the farm. 
Hope your days are going well!

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