Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Memories don't wait.

Hi everyone,
Typing this in front of Foyle's War (again).  I'm resisting the urge to blow my calorie count with another glass of wine.
If I'm honest, it's been an utterly mind-numbing day: I spent all of it wading through the same sets of documents I was looking at yesterday.  How enthralling was this work?  A snapshot of my notes tells the story:
Yup, that thrilling.  The highpoint of the day was lunchtime when I went for a walk around the block to get some fresh air and get some blood pumping.  I'd kind of like to know a bit more about the water tower on Kerferd Road (out the back of work) - It has to predate the daycare centre that sits beneath it.
The other day Facebook threw up a picture of the ex from a few years ago - the way it does with that 'Memories' function it has.  It was from a date we went on for her birthday when we went for dinner and to see Dylan Moran at the Palais Theatre.  It was probably the last time I did something that made her happy, and the last time we weren't at each others throats.  In honesty, I could have done without the reminder.  The truth is, in spite of everything I still miss her, and I miss how happy we were together.  A man can't live in the past, of course, and I don't think much about the Before Time.  I guess that's why I could have lived without seeing the picture: sometimes things are best left alone.
I swam the Tiber in connection with marrying the ex.  I regret neither of those decisions, but somehow when I look at something like a Marian shrine (like this one at Sacred Heart church in Tatura - I took the photo today) I can't say my heart's completely in it either.  Absent any better ideas I certainly don't plan on re-swimming the Tiber.  I'm afraid that in this especially, I have no sounder conclusion to offer except a thoughtful "hmmm".
Not much more to add tonight.  I hope all's well with you and that your weeks are shaping up well!

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