Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Of books and football

Hi everyone,
I'm sitting here typing this entry with Foyle's War on in the background.  It's a cool evening for the first day of Spring.  The day itself started out foggy and chilly but warmed up to pleasant and warm.  The day at work was uneven: For the morning I had, quite literally, nothing to do!  I even went and asked my boss, who had no work to give me.  I spent some time writing a few casenotes for my other blog and this took the time until lunch.
At lunch I walked up to the opportunity shop, which was showing the sort of sign that makes my heart sing the Hallelujah chorus -

As you can see, I was thrilled to respond to their ad -

The afternoon livened up at work, with me digging into a fascinatingly knotty issue of two Crown reserves next to each other - a road reserve and a channel reserve, administered by different entities (a local council and a government department) - which are affected by some works my employer is undertaking.  This needed me to dig into the documentary trail.  Any job that needs me to burrow into the Government Gazette from 1914 is definitely a job that needs doing!
After work I headed to the hospital and saw mum, who was in better spirits than yesterday.  I'm sure it'll be an up and down process; still, it'll be important to keep an eye on her frame of mind.
In other news, yesterday's sporting news from the Kyabram District Football League was enough to make anyone feel better about their weekend.  You might have had a rough Saturday, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't as rough as the Longwood Football Club's was ...
And if you're not familiar with Australian football scorelines, just accept that this is an epic, epic beatdown!
No more to add now.  I'll probably post from my phone before I turn in later.  Hope you're all doing well!

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