Wednesday, 23 September 2015

More maps to fold

Hi everyone,
Another post for tonight: the recap of my day.  Frankly, it was a struggle to fill the day in.  How difficult?  This was what my diary looked like for the day -
Probably the most challenging bit of the day was the hour or so the work-experience girl and I spent folding whacking great A0 and A1 size maps and charts down to A4 size.
Well, it WAS interesting to skim over the old plans prepared long ago by the State Rivers Commission.  So there was that.
I was going to pick up some fruit for lunch, but I hadn't had a decent coffee all day and swapped it out for a whacking great chai latte.  Oh, and when I went to the opp shop on the way I was lucky enough to pick up a 50c copy of Immanuel Velikovsy's entertainingly nutty book Ages in Chaos.  Score!
The afternoon disappeared into filling in time, some filing and also printing and collating the business' current crop of insurance policies.  Again, I had the uncomfortable feeling of doing a make-work job.
Image from here
Home from work in enough time to gather a couple of barrows of firewood, give the dog a walk, and cut up the vegetables and generally set up the slow-cooker to make a stew for the parental units overnight.  I think it should come out well for them.  I'll set it before I go to bed; the only thing I haven't yet decided is whether to throw a roux in (I think I will).
No more for now.  Hope your days are more interesting than mine!

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