Friday, 10 July 2015

Bushwalking with Queen Elsa

It seems somehow right to launch this new blog by reposting the last item from the old blog!

I slept well overnight I guess because (thank God) it was raining.  I always sleep well when it rains.  M arrived along at the farm just as I was leaving.  He's certainly spending plenty of time up here at present; I get the feeling neither he nor the parental units are certain about the way forward.

I'm actually going to be away this weekend: I'm going up to Fifteen Mile Creek (near Wangaratta) for the SES's "Map & Navigation" course.  Although, I've possibly picked the worst weekend of the year to do it: The advice from the Bureau of Meteorology is -
Blizzard-like weather conditions could dump snow around Melbourne's outer fringes when a forecast cold snap arrives over the weekend.
The weather bureau is forecasting sub-zero temperatures in parts of the state and there are expected to be snowfalls as low as 700 metres.
"That is going to catch some of those outer Melbourne suburbs around the Dandenongs, Mt Macedon, around Kinglake and the Yarra Ranges," duty forecaster Terry Ryan said.
"It's going to continue the cold we've been feeling this winter."
The weather bureau is forecasting wet and windy conditions for most of Melbourne.
The temperature in the city is not expected to climb above 12 degrees Celsius for the next week.
But Mr Ryan said north-eastern Victoria would feel the chill more than any other area.  "Wangaratta, we're going for minus one next Tuesday and some zeros for Sunday and Monday up there," he said.
And in case you're wondering: no, the course certainly won't be put off - such are the perils of joining an all-weather service!

Will post more later - hope you're all doing great!

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