Monday, 20 July 2015

Cold air and an idea

Hi everyone,

Another chilly start to the day here.  They're worrying me less and less; that said, when you can't feel your fingers it's a problem!

The day itself went smoothly if slowly.  A couple of hefty pieces of work got out the door; that's as much as I have to brags about.  I finished the day off with the Blood Bank in Shepparton (which reminds me: I need to book a new appointment tomorrow).

Today at work I found myself appointed the fire and emergency warden for our section.  I duly rattled through the online training course the company supplies.  This got me to considering trying a spell with the Country Fire Authority (CFA), in addition to what I do with the SES.

I'll need to think it through.  It would mean some unhappiness here at the farm (the old boy has a genuine but weird antipathy to the CFA), and from all I hear  it's quite a different body to the SES.  I might be better to double my general emergency skills.

There's a few thoughts in my head about why I'm so obsessed with volunteering at the moment.  Still percolating; I might share them in a later post.

No more for now.  Happy Monday!

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