Tuesday, 28 July 2015

News of today

Hi everyone,

Short update on today: there's not a lot of actual news to share!

Underway and at work at the usual time. I had a number of somewhat fiddly jobs to work through in the morning.  The morning did speed by though, accompanied by a couple of cups of tea (for some reason I'm drinking tea by the bucketful at the moment).

Lunch hour I stretched my legs and walked a couple of blocks, with my furthest point from the office being the Commercial Hotel.

The afternoon found itself filled by a couple of file-tidying jobs.  Again, work more detailed than difficult.

I scurried out of work promptly at the end of the day.  The plan was to go to the gym and be home for dinner, noting that the old boy was to be home from the south today.  So, I crammed a short workout in at the gym after work and headed for the farm.  As it turned out I needn't have worried: the old boy had opted to stay down there another day.  Little sister's ex, however, came over for dinner.  Still feels weird.

No more for now - tired and looking for sleep. Have a great day everyone!

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