Friday, 17 July 2015

Richardson Hall redux

Hi everyone,

Here I am in the student dorms at the University of Melburne Forestry School at Creswick.  I'm down here for the weekend  as part of the SES's Peer Support training (essentially, training to support fellow members who've had traumatic experiences).

The day started out pretty well I must say: not as savagely cold and a gorgeous sunrise.  Just the slightest hint of approaching spring in the morning sunlight.

The day at work was unremarkable, save that I now have a couple of detailed responses ready to go.

At about 4pm I drove to where Madison was to await the bus: because a large number of folks from the North East region were going, a minibus was borrowed from one of the bigger units to get us there.

In the event, as well as Madison and me, I recognised a couple of others in the bus.  A former Tatura employee who used to volunteer at Tatura is one of them.  Another is Ian, with whom I shared a motel on the Lismore deployment. Always good to see friends.  

We stopped partway down at Bendigo so one member could use the bathroom at McDonald's.  I picked up a much needed chai latte and others too bought coffee.

We arrived in time to meet the other attendees, have dinner (the best lamb shank I've ever had) and have a glass of wine.

University dorms are as functional as I remember from my days in Richardson Hall at Monash University: thin walls and tough white paint.

Desperately tired now and fighting to keep eyes open.  Hopefully I can wake dearly enough for a run or workout tomorrow morning.

Have a great day everyone!

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