Monday, 27 July 2015

Catching you up

Hi everyone,
Quick catchup post before I leave the office.  Sorry I've been e-communicado for a few days.  Truthfully, it's simply because I've been dead tired in the evenings when I usually post: I fall asleep before I can write.
Anyway, by way of an update (and because I'd already uploaded a bunch of photos to a draft post):  The most exciting bit of Friday was a walk around town during lunch hour, to try and walk off a farewell morning tea for a member of the legal unit who has gone to greener pastures.  These were the sorts of things I saw -
Street out the back of work 
The service station I usually go to
City Limits
Anglican Church near work
The day finished, predictably you might say, with a trip to the gym to try and sweat off the aforesaid morning tea!

On Saturday, Second Oldest Sister came up with her husband for her birthday lunch and dinner.  She's doing well and it was great to see her.  The only odd thing was that somehow little sister's now-ex-partner came over for dinner - I think Dad invited him.  He was in a pretty sulky mood and was still bossing little sister about in the way he did when they were together (I don't think he quite understands why she left him!).  Frankly, it was awkward with a tincture of weird, and honestly I thought it was inappropriate for him to be there.  Certainly if he keeps trying to bully little sister it might be necessary for someone to speak with him about what is and isn't appropriate.  I express myself tentatively because the family politics are a little fraught.
Sunday the weather turned cold, but nevertheless in the afternoon the parental units, little sister and I went over to her ex's farm to load some of the parents cattle to send to market.
It was blowing a stiff and cold wind the whole while.  I can tell you that a hot cup of tea was the most comforting thing in the world afterwards.

Today has been a straightforward day at work: bills being paid, files reviewed, and generally living that paralegal life.  I'm about to head back to the farm now and hopefully for a solid night's sleep tonight.  God willing I'll get to the gym tomorrow.
Will probably post again later this evening.  Hope all's well for yourselves.

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