Friday, 27 December 2013

South again

Hi everyone,

Typing this at Flinders.  Dad, Michael and I came down yesterday to roll hay and set up for a builder to finish the shed.  Will probably return to Shepparton on New Years Day.

Things are very green down here.  It's been 6 months; I forgotten how like a garden this part of the world smells.  I'm hoping to get in a few good runs and maybe a swim while I'm here.

Feeling a bit lost at the moment, although i think most people feel that way between Christmas and New Year!  Certainly I'll be grateful to leave 2013 behind me.  I must not drift.  The drive down yesterday afternoon took me through the suburbs of outer south-east Melbourne, a place which (from having handled a lot of cases from there) feels like the place hopes and dreams go to be mummified.  Shudder.

More later.

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