Friday, 12 December 2014

Life lately

Hi everyone,

Sorry I've been away for a bit.  I've had to be on the road a bit - to Flinders and Albury chiefly - and there've been a couple of SES callouts too.

Anyway, summer is surely setting in here. The paddocks are drying off and every now and again I see the steers in one of the paddocks looking at a hay ring in a hopeful manner.  It'll be a long summer.

The hunt for work is presently a case of "hurry up and wait". Still waiting on a call back from one law firm, and a decision is pending from a commercial entity on an offer.  Another application for work is promising and likely to succeed.

Reading a lot of Camus lately - recently read The Plague and The First Man.  I dunno... The absurdism born in Algeria does seem to have meaning here in this dusty, superheated place.  I know this seems like the best place to be to a lot of people.  I've made some good friends here who love it, and once upon a time I'd happily have settled here.  I just seem to touch the ground here lightly now, like a foreigner or a sojourner.  My heart isn't here.

Will need to scurry to Melbourne for Christmas shopping next week.  I'll try and catch up with some of the old crew for lunch maybe. Or not. I do feel like an A-Grade loser a lot of the time. 

Well, nil desperandum. As long as I keep getting out of bed, I'm in control!

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