Friday, 26 August 2016

Week update ... heavy eyelids...

Hi everyone,

This isn't the post I'd planned to write this evening.  I was planning a piece on rooftop safety, but I'm sitting at a desk in my digs for the weekend and starting to get drowsy.

If you know me on Facebook, you'll know it's been a busy week.  I had the community gathering in Tatura on Monday night (I've blogged a copy of my remarks there previously).  On Wednesday there was a Ministerial event in Shepparton, where the Emergency Services Minister came up to formally handover a storm trailer to Shepparton Rescue and Tatura SES.  I was up early for that event to be sure I had enough time to wash our truck and take it over.  It was odd to find myself one of the people named at the event - even now it can be a surprise to find I'm the unit controller!  The Shepparton News did a good writeup on the event here, and they even supplied video:

Last night was training night, which finished late for me as I stopped to do some paperwork.  I got home at 0230 and was getting ready for bed when I found I still had the keys to the Rescue truck in my pocket!  I knew I had to return them ASAP in case there was a Priority One job, so back to Tatura I had to go.  I finally got to bed about 0400. zzzzzzz

Today I've come down to Creswick for the Peer Support training weekend.  I met Lisa and Ian, two other peers, at the SES shed in Tatura; when I got there I was touched that some nice person had left a bag of fresh-picked mandarins on the doorstep:

I know what we do is valued, but it feels good to have it said in gestures like this.

Anyway, I have sleep to catch up on.  Hope your fridays are going well!

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