Tuesday, 17 January 2017

P2E Course Day Three: The Window Won't Stare Out Of Itself

The third and final day of the P2E course started with sunshine and with mixed feelings in the class.  One member had completed a job interview that morning and was elated.  Another arrived very upset; I don't know why.

The trainer spent a lot of time unpacking the interview.  He did briefly mention my need to dumb down my CV, but didn't really get to specifics.  This was not helpful: how do I cover up fifteen years of legal practice and six years at university?  Say I was serving time for murder?

Glass plate negative photograph of Norfolk Island - Ruins of prison (1914 - 1915)
Nat. Archives of Aust: A88, 9 
Hearing his continued insistence on attitudes and enthusiasm I found myself more and more blue and miserable.  At about midday I began getting even more self-doubting and wondered if I should even be running an SES Unit on my own.  This was getting beyond a joke and I decided I needed a pick-me-up.  I was saving on money and calories through the course by skipping lunch and drinking cups of tea; I decided to blow some of the saved money on a book I've wanted for a while and which was in the just-opened-and-now-closing Book Grocer in Shepparton.

The day ended with practice interviews and more encouragement ("get out there and smash it!").  I slumped off to find a way home.

I have no idea when or if I'll find work, but I'm damn sure this course has gotten me no nearer.

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