Sunday, 18 October 2015

A place where dams are full

Hi everyone,
I spent this weekend at the home place in the south of the State.  Dad has had some cattle down there he was very keen to drench and he asked me to go down with him and lend a hand.
I always have mixed feelings about the home place.  I know I should love it and feel sentimental about it.  Lord knows it's a beautiful part of the world.
The truth is though that the years of difficulty doing effective maintenance on it mean that it's pretty depressing to look at: one has a pitiless sense of missed opportunity.
Be that as it may, it was certainly a pleasure at least to be somewhere where the dams were full and the grass green.  He and I got down there about 4pm yesterday and drafted the cattle for drenching into a holding paddock where they stayed overnight. 
The next day we got them through the yards fairly briskly: the process of drafting them, drenching and trimming their tails took about two hours.  He wanted to have a rest before we started the return trip to the Goulburn Valley, so I took the time to go and pick a couple of bags of lemons to take back.
I took the time to look over the garden - probably the prettiest part of the place around the homestead.  The roses have had very little care, but seem to have come out in the biggest flowers I've seen on them in years
Even the proteas are blooming.  It takes a lot to make me fond of proteas, but these ones did look good.
We stopped at Mount Martha to drench a couple of the cattle there on the way back, and ran an errand to Cranbourne as well.  We also stopped to pen up the cattle at Nagambie (which has inspired another blogpost I'll draft later).  Then, back to the farm up here.
Not much more to add (or maybe I'm just tired).  Hope all your days are starting out well!

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