Monday, 20 June 2016

Life lately

Hi everyone,

Time to update you.  The biggest item is that my contract with the water corporation ran out yesterday.  I have a few applications for good jobs out there and an interview next Friday.  I'm not fretting about being out of work at present.  I don't know if that's because I'm confident of finding work.  Possibly  after a total of 12 months out of work in the last three years, unemployment has stopped being a source of terror or shame.

Farm work ahoy

The weather is leaning to colder and damp, with quite a bit of rain.  The seasonal creek in the middle of the farm is flowing stronger than I've seen in forever.  The other day there was a heavy mist that generated one of those photos I love: a bedewed cobweb on barbed wire. That combination of fragile and very tough.

Annoyingly I've been struggling to find time to run lately, what with the shorter days and SES and work.   Certainly eating more and drinking more wine of an evening.  I need to get back on the fitness wagon.  I knocked out 12kms at a respectable pace on Sunday but I can feel my body losing its edge.

Not much else to report just now.  I've started doing some videos for Facebook and this blog.  Ever wanted to know how to tie a bowline?  You're in luck!

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