Friday, 3 June 2016

Rolling down the Valley

Hi everyone,

It's Friday night. I'm typing this on my phone from a venue in Mooroolbark.  I'm here for the SES controllers' conference which goes into tomorrow night.

I drove down after work this evening, and as directed by Google Maps I came through the Yarra Valley.  This was the ex's stomping ground when she lived here, and she and I spent some very happy times there (one of my favourite pictures was of her and our girls on a sports field at Lilydale.

I'm immensely glad I drove down in the dark.  It was harder than I expected just to see familiar road signs and pubs skate past the car. Even the damp clean mountain air was a reminder.  I thought about stopping at Yarra Glen for fuel and a newspaper but even that felt too near the bone.  I refuelled at Lilydale.

I have to say: I didn't expect to feel that way.

The conference itself looks promising.  There's people here from all over the eastern half of the state, both metro and rural.  A lot of the concerns that face units have been discussed already over a few drinks.  It's great to spend time with people who have a common passion! 

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