Friday, 23 September 2016

Adventures in the North East

Hi everyone,

I've only got a few minutes to write, I'm afraid.

It's been a good couple of days:  I spent yesterday and the day before up at Beechworth on the CareFlight "Trauma Care Workshop".  I'll wrote more about this when I have more time.  Suffice to say that Careflight are a charitable ambulance service who have taken to running free trauma care workshops for emergency volunteers (cost of each course?  about $10,000.00!).  We get the benefit of the experience they've built up doing jobs like this -

It turned out one of our instructors had previously been an army medic in Iraq and Afghanistan, so he had a lot to share on trauma care.  I was up there with Beck, one of my friends in the Unit, and she showed me some of the highlights of the area I hadn't seen before.  Despite spending a lot of time up there, I'd never seen the Hume Weir -

or the Woolshed Falls, for example.

This weekend will also be SES-heavy: I'm off to Wangaratta for the Mental Health First Aid course.  Should be a good one. 

More soon.

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  1. Be carefull an thank you for sharing the dam!