Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Farm Fun Recap

Hi everyone,
My life’s had a bit of an agricultural bent lately, so it’s a farm fun recap post tonight.
The weekend saw me heading over to the property at Rushworth with the old boy, former-brother-in-law and Barry to retrieve a couple of loader tyres and a bull bar.  Barry, happily, came tooled up with all of his usual gear from his day job as a diesel mechanic.  With the magic of a rattlegun the loader was pretty swiftly taken from this …

… to this …

The other part of the day was to try and retrieve a bulldozer.  The dozer had been struck in its tracks (literally) since autumn, when work clearing some of the scrub off the place was suspended.  That was a tougher proposition.  The batteries were dead (that was to be expected), but more seriously no covering had been left over the exhaust and the manifold seemed to be full of water.
In the end we admitted defeat: getting this one going will take a bit longer.

Those of you who follow the news over here will know about the rolling weather warnings we’ve been facing for heavy rain and flooding.  This was the warning area map that the Bureau of Meteorology put out last night:

The sky today, frankly, matched it.  We’ve had no callouts (not even tree jobs) but I’ve been kind of waiting for us to be asked to do something useful.

We may have exactly this happen, too: our friends at the Seymour SES Unit, which is up the Goulburn River from us, shared these pictures of what they were looking at today.

This water will find its way to us, I expect: two of the larger water storages between there and here are the Goulburn Weir and Waranga Basin, which are 97% and 93% full respectively.  It may all pass through of course, but we may also be busy yet!

The other thing today was that I applied for work as a seasonal labourer with one of the grain handling companies.  God willing I’ll get work at their facility at Murchison East or Dookie, which are a short drive from here.  Not work I’d planned on, but it’d be work nevertheless.  And what the Hell – my Uncle Ferdie spent his early years lumping sacks of grain.  Good enough for him, good enough for me!
Loading bags of wheat in 1948
Not much more to add now.  I’ve got a day’s work as a gardener’s labourer lined up tomorrow.  Not something to sneer at.  Things always get better the harder you work! 

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