Friday, 22 February 2019

Recapping last weekend

It's a beautiful Saturday afternoon here and I'm cooped up inside the sharehouse.  For various reasons I need to move from one room to another this weekend, but I'd also planned to go to Shepparton.  So, once I get my paws on the room key, then I can transfer my belongings and get on the road.

So, rather than mope, I'll recap last weekend, which involved very little indoor time.

It had been a punishing week at work and by Friday I couldn’t face the drive to the Goulburn Valley or the farm work to follow.  I raised the white flag and settled for a mental health weekend in town. I had to work till about 2200 on Friday evening, doing some things before this week's jury trial.  I walked home as usual, but this time stopped at the Great Northern Hotel on Rathdowne Street.  It has a reputation for a good range of beers, and is nothing like the Great Northern Hotel on Twin Peaks.

A couple of beers gave me time to draft up a plan for the weekend.  The Bureau of Meteorology said it’d be a warm weekend and it looked to me like it may be the last decent one for the summer.   Naturally the beach had a central place in the plan.

I woke up tired on Saturday morning but got on with Red Cross phone calls from 0800.  My legs were still sore so I put my run off till the Sunday and replaced it with guided yoga and meditation from ABC Classic Flow.  It felt really very peaceful.

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I went out and got groceries and then made some sandwiches.  I headed for the beach for an afternoon of sun and sand and reading and swimming.  While I was there I finally finished reading Watkin Tench’s account of the first settlement in Australia.

St Kilda Beach, Melbourne, Australia
It was a little cool for it but I got myself ice cream nonetheless.  Why not, after all?  The cooler months are going to last a long while.  Beer at the Village Belle Hotel before I came back to Brunswick.

Everest ice cream. What's not to like?
I still had chores to do in the form of laundry.  I knew I’d burn off some excess calories doing the ironing afterwards, but I decided to make sure of being under my calorie count by going walking during the wash- and dry-cycles.  The sunset over western Melbourne was heavenly.

Sunset, Essendon area, Melbourne
Sunday morning kicked off with a message from the Ex that gave me a twinge of the blues.  I'll save you the details.  I only had a short window to FaceTime with Grace and Rachel but we made it work.  They could see me but I couldn’t see them.  They were happy to talk to me though and that’s all I really minded.  After FaceTime I scurried up to St Mary Margaret for Mass.  I confess I was having trouble “feeling it” today.  My prayers felt hollow and I feel hopelessly mired in sin.

St Mary Margaret church, Brunswick, Victoria, Australia
After mass I changed into my gear and headed out for a good 17km run.  It took nearly half-way before I started feeling good.  At least the sun was shining!  When I got back here I made some sandwiches of avocado, spam and tomatoes.   Caught the tram to Sth Melbourne Beach which seemed less busy than usual: even though the day was warm it was cloudy.  I decided to put on sunscreen anyway and went for a dip as soon as I could, to loosen up tired muscles from the run.  

Boat off South Melbourne beach
By 1715 the sun was thoroughly clouded over and so I called it a day and went for a Hop Culture IPA at the Beach Hotel.  Delicious and sharp flavoured.  I took this photo while I was there - as you can see it was thoroughly clouded over by then.

Beach Hotel, South Melbourne
I wasn't done by that stage, so I had another beer (Kosziosko pale ale) at the Quarry Hotel on the way back. I people watched for a bit.  Even by Sunday evening there's always activity in my area!

The day itself ended quietly: an aerogramme to the girls and toasted sandwiches.  I managed to hit every item on the plan for the weekend.  I'd call that a win!

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