Sunday, 10 March 2019

Back in the Heart of It

I had a stunning moment at Church this afternoon.  I really want to share it now.

I didn't do an Ash Wednesday post.  By way of recap, I attended church and received ashes at St Francis' on Lonsdale Street.  This year I've decided to use Lent to sharpen up a number of areas of my life, including as regards the vocation that I find myself answering.  As well as that, I've settled on attending Mass twice weekly and Confession once weekly.

I haven't mentioned this before, I think, but for many months I've self-excluded from Communion.  That is, I didn't feel I could seek absolution because of the way I was living my life.  You can't be absolved, after all, if you have no firm will to cease sinning.  And no absolution = no communion.  Fair enough.

Well, on Friday I attended Confession and received my penance, which I've performed.  And this evening I found myself at Mass at St John the Baptist in Clifton Hill.

St John the Baptist church, Clifton Hill, Melbourne, Australia
Not having committed any serious sins since Friday, I was able to receive the precious Body and Blood.  As I did so, I had an overwhelming sense of rightness.  I felt like I was finally back in the heart of a family that had missed me and that had desperately wanted me back.  It took in my own family and Grace and Rachel and The Ex and was bigger than all of them and included them all.  Proof of the Real Presence?  Good enough for me.

Why on earth did I stay away so long?

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