Sunday, 17 November 2019

Does anyone know if it's all still here?

It's been a funny sort of weekend here.

Saturday was a good night's sleep with me on my feet about 0745.  As usual for Saturday, I began with laundry and groceries and coffee before I found my way back to the Casa.  I had a quick Facetime with the girls: they were on their way to Houma for bowling and a sleepover for their best friends (another set of twins).  Rachel claimed that she would score twenty strikes, and naturally this lead to a wager of a box of Wagon-Wheel biscuits against a brick of Community Coffee on whether she could do it.  Rachel may be over-optimistic but she's willing to back herself!

In the afternoon I set out on another long run.  I was surprised to find that I'd kept to a sub 6 min/km the whole time: this is basically race-pace for me.  Running is a somewhat different experience for me now.  Part fitness, part penance, part meditation, part masochism (the flesh is sinful and it is virtuous to punish it) and part me-time.  I feel like maybe I need something harder - or to make my runs longer - or something.  I don't know if I care if I smash my knees and hips up (my hips are feeling the pinch at present): I'm more concerned not to leave experience unexplored.

Running was followed by blogging (post to appear on my workblog), Mass and a drink at the Great Northern.

Sunday brought a local festival at which SES were having a community education table.  I'd organised our involvement at this one and was fairly anxious that it not go astray.  Happily, we have a good team and the day went smoothly.  It was a little alarming, though, to find how may people assumed that we are an arm of the fire services.

Community Ed at festivals means a lot of time talking to children and explaining to their parents why storm preparedness matters.  I was utterly tired by the end and made a beeline for the Charles Weston Hotel for a few revitalising drinks.

The weekend feels, in a way, oddly empty.  There's been something particularly that I've been trying not to think about, but it's a trifling matter that shouldn't have been bugging me.  I have the odd feeling that something in my life is out of place.

Well, no matter.  A decent night's sleep and I should be fine again.  Roll on Summer.

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