Friday, 27 September 2013

Catching up

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the long delay between posts.  I don't have an excuse: really the closest I get to an explanation is that as I get one part of my life in order, I seem to drop the ball in another.  Well, no matter. Onward and hopefully upward!

Typing this on my phone on a Saturday morning while I fail to write an article, a casenote, a submission to a government inquiry and to do a crossword puzzle.  

Just typing that last sentence has actually helped motivate me I must say!  At least I've gotten a few other longstanding things (doctor, dentist, taxes, will, insurance) sorted or on the high road to being sorted of late.  The thing is not to allow your life to drift ...

... or put entries to one side until you can finish them while waiting at the chemists (getting my Pristiq filled).

Anyway, it's been a productive day so far.  Some farm work and working on that casenote for the Agricultural Law News.  And I found some more little presents to send to Grace and Rachel.  

Feeling a little flat at the moment, but i don't expect it to last.  One of the few drawbacks of living in the Goulburn Valley, I think, is that it makes being content a little too easy, as if there's less to strive for.  This, to me, is a little horrifying: like being buried alive.  Which is why I need to make myself keep writing and running and trying things.  If I stop, I'll stop being who I am.  I may become someone I don't especially want to be. And I'm a little worried I may become old and bitter as well, and thinking about lost chances and such.  This may or may not be related to being halfway through my allotted three-score-years-and-ten.

I'll post this before my battery gives out.  But my next job is doing a bucket list.  Any suggestions?

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