Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Morning Post

Hi everyone,

Short post before I get the day underway.  I'm hoping today will be less of an emotional demolition derby than yesterday.  Emotions are good, but draining.  There are moments where you begin to think that, maybe, the Cybermen actually had it right and that the Cylons were probably on the wrong track when they started messing with human emotions!

Things are good at work.  Still really enjoying it, even if my productivity has been down a bit this week.  Hmm.

Will have the weekend coming up to myself.  Thinking about going to vote in Euroa, and then sticking around to watch part of the Shepparton Swans / Euroa Magpies match.  Also have a boatload of study to do and a couple of articles and case notes to prepare.

Anyway, we'll see.  I'd better get underway; hope your days are going well! 

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