Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Hello everyone,

Typing this on my phone, before I take my shoes off and do those going to bed things.

Productive day, I think.  Woke at about 6am to heavy rain, and woke again to strong winds a little after 7am.  Breakfast and off to work.  The weather had cleared by lunch, and I was a bit annoyed that I'd decided to leave my running gear at home.

The day itself was more productive than it felt like it was.  Having some interesting issues with one if my friends in employment law where she's acting for an employer who also has workers comp issues.  That time in defence work is paying off: if the claim is rejected (which it should be) I think I've set things up for the Panel solicitor!

Went to the op shop across the road at lunch and got the girls a nice looking story book.  Truth be told, I'm feeling their absence a lot at the moment.  Really , perhaps more than ever.  Well, no point griping.  One can complain or one can act.

Left work early (viz before 6pm) as I'd parked in the tower with the bad weather this morning.  Unexciting evening at the Casa with the parentals.  Thinking of joining one of the gyms in town, or the pool, to supplement the running.  A man's got to have a hobby I guess.

More later.

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