Monday, 17 March 2014

Donating again

Hi everyone,

Typing this a little awkwardly on my phone at the blood bank.  It's my first donation in nearly a year.  That's too long to be stuck on 77 donations!

Things are generally good.  The weather is cooling and rain is falling sometimes although the long range forecast is bleak: below average rainfall for the next twelve months.  Not good.

I've started putting out feelers in case I suddenly need people to pull strings for me.  This has included calling the SES yesterday to offer myself as a volunteer.

Still missing the girls.  It just gets worse, you know?  Looking forward to a Skype date at the end of the week! :)

The weekend after next is one I'm looking forward to - the Roller Coaster Run at Mount Dandenong. Twenty-one kilometres of up and down.  Bring it.

Still jotting down random ideas but nothing that rises to writing.  It all feels rather hackneyed. :|. I dunno... Maybe a quick stint in Melbourne would spark me up again.  I have this faint feeling of being a head-in-a-jar that even running and exercise can't fix!

Well, enough for now.  Developments as they arise.

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