Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Dry day with run

Hi everyone,

It's been another pretty good day here in my world.  The rain had cleared through when I woke up this morning, although the air was still comfortingly damp.  Hopefully the plants were able to draw something of value from the air alone.

I was planning on a run after work, so I put my sports bag in the car when I left.  It struck me that the boot of my car is starting to look rather crowded, between my SES kit bag, the first aid bag, and a sports bag.  This will need planning when I next go shopping!

The day itself was quiet.  Enough work to keep me sporadically occupied, but also enough spare time to write a post on first aid for snakebites (this will go up later).

After work I did indeed go out for that run - a 10km loop around Pykes Road.  I could have gone further but time was a bit tight.  The setting sun lit up the cemetery in a beautiful way.  I snatched a photo as I ran past.

Not much more to note about the day.  Suspect the rain has cleared through now, but maybe we'll be lucky.

More tomorrow.  Hope your days are beginning well.

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