Wednesday, 23 November 2016

A callout and an interview

Hi everyone,
This week gets more and more interesting. 
Tuesday began breathtakingly early, at about 0200 when the pager went off to advise we'd been called out to assist the fire brigade in Mooroopna.  As usual, I can't give details.  It's enough to say that a fire took place in one of two adjoining premises.  The fire had gotten into the shared roof cavity.  We were asked to tarp the roof to ensure that it remained watertight.  I'm happy to report that no person was injured in the fire and it was good to be able to help our mates in the fire service out.

The only drawback of the job was that there was a smell in the air like a toasted ham, cheese and tomato sandwich.  Sadly, there's nowhere to buy a toasted ham, cheese and tomato sandwich in Shepparton in the small hours.  When I got home from the job about 0500 I made one (with salami rather than ham) before I crashed into back into bed.  I slept till about 1000.
I'm not at my best when I sleep late, even if it's for a good reason.  I felt a bit lost when I woke up and was killing time reading magazines until about 1400 when I went into Shepparton to go to the Blood Bank (which inspired yesterday's post).  The experience was as rewarding as ever.  I'm happy to report that we've got a blood drive organised at the Unit for just after Christmas!
I spent a large whack of today at Tatura.  The first part of the day was taken up at a photoshoot, where Tatura SES and a number of other community groups were presented with giant cheques representing donations to us from Tatura Milk.  I can't quite explain how much this donation means to our little unit: it'll go a colossal way towards keeping us on the road.
I went back to the shed after the photoshoot to deal with some administrative matters.  I had a member to recommend for a commendation, and the blood drive to nail down, and some paperwork to send to head office in Melbourne.  I finished about 1500 and came back to the farm.
I'm happy to report that I got a phone call to come to a job interview in town tomorrow at the cannery.  God knows I need the work.  I'm not optimistic though: I suspect they'll twig that I have a couple of university degrees and reject me as overqualified.  I never imagined by BA(Hons)/LLB would be such a ball and chain.  Can't go forward; can't go back.
No more for now.  I hope your weeks are going well. 

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