Friday, 23 December 2016

Running, a sunset and memories

Hi everyone,

The original draft of this post started with a rather grumpy review of some recent news.  After I'd written the post, though, I was struggling to remember why it seemed so important.  Anyway, I cut it from the post and went straight ito the better bits of today, which were a run and a photograph.

It was a warm day here - 35C/100F - but I wanted a run nevertheless after some bad dietary overindulgence yesterday.  I was only going on a gentle 10kms but frankly  I struggled.  Part of this was the route, which was a large road over mildly hilly terrain.  I chose this in preference to the track out the back of the farm, which I'd have preferred but which is likely to have snakes about at this time of year.

Brown snake killed on the road last summer

I pursued my usual strategy of forcing myself to the halfway point and then finishing however I could.  Getting to the halfway mark at least forces me to get the target distance even if the pace is lousy.  In the event I managed to go about 6 kms before I had to slow to a walk.  I think I walked about half a kilometre or so before I stopped, stretched and then got into a slogging, slow run the rest of the way back.  As I said, this was a run that was a bit of a struggle.

I should say that one of the advantages of living where I do on the backroads is that I can run shirtless if I so desire.  I was certainly doing that today.  It's a great feeling - the cool air on your skin and the sun on your shoulders (I was actually probably lucky I didn't get burnt).  I can also say that you feel 100% more badass that way, even if your pale skin makes you look like Frosty the Snowman!  I don't think I'll try running naked though: that has 'unfortunate photo in the newspaper written all over it).

The day closed with a great little moment inspired by my friend Melissa, with whom I worked four jobs ago.  She shared to instagram a picture of the sunset over Port Philip Bay in Melbourne that is just stunning.  I don't miss Melbourne very often.  I don't think I could ever move back there: too many memories, especially in the south-east where the ex and I lived.  But I do miss the sunsets over the Bay in summer.

Image courtesy of my friend Melissa L.

Isn't it incredible what memories an image can bring back?   love the memory I have of eating fish and chips and drinking a beer on the Middle Brighton Pier and watching sunsets like these on a Friday evening.

Sometimes heaven seems very close indeed.

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