Saturday, 13 April 2013

Sunday morning ... tired

Hi everyone,

It's just after 7am Sunday morning. Posting this from the phone.

Yesyerday was a big day. Woke (not deliberately) about 5am and by 6:30 had talked myself into going for a run of about 5 miles. Good run. Sky very red. Lots of smoke in the air from burning stubble fields.

Went to Barry S's at Mansfield to lend a hand shifting his cattle from Mansfield to Warrenbayne. He took 2 loads and us 3 (this suited the logistics best). Total travel for the day about 800kms! Lots of chasing cattle; also cursing, belting, climbing on rails and the like. Beautiful country in the hills at Mansfield (pic below) but eaten well down. Good country at Warrenbayne and his cows and calves should do well on it.

Lots of time in the truck today meant lots of time to think, which meant lots of time to think about Joni and Grace and Rachel. I know I should be angry and bitter with her but I'm not.  What can I say? I still love her. On the subject of love, St Paul to the Corinthians said it all. I can be patient.

Lots of cloud today but frustratingly no rain.

Home by 9:30pm. Patchy night's sleep. Not sure what's planned for today.

More later.

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