Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The day after Australia Day.

Hi everyone,

It's the Monday after Australia Day and, therefore, a public holiday.  Typing this just before lunch.

Yesterday was a beautiful day - lots of sunlight and warmth, and we spent it separating weaner steers from their mothers.

Good way to spend the morning, although I did something to my foot that left it sore and so I put the planned run off to to today (will get to it after).  Oh, and while I was closing a gate, I brushed my backside against the hotwire.  I can guarantee the electric fence is at full power!  I substituted the run for a short but intents weights session.

This morning was spent rejuvenating a stretch of fence line.  It's another beautiful day, although the blues are kind of niggling at me.  Annoying, although it'll fade in a few hours I know.

Probably head into Shepparton this afternoon for groceries.

More later

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